About Linda Rossetti

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do the work that I do with individuals and organizations who are navigating transition. When I started this work, I sure didn’t feel that way. I encountered transition unexpectedly. It was jarring and frightening and incredibly isolating. I describe it to others as a time when I felt as if the ground fell out from underneath me. Have you ever felt that way?

It started for me very simply. One day I was sitting in my boss’s all-day staff meeting when I said to myself, “This is it. You must be kidding! I’ve worked this hard for this?” At the time I was the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Administration for Iron Mountain, a C-Suite role at a Fortune 500 company that had more than twenty-one-thousand employees in thirty-seven countries. I had gotten there thanks to a previous role as the CEO of a venture capital backed technology start up that itself had been acquired by a publicly-traded company. What I said to myself was deeply meaningful for me. I had labored my entire adult life to be in that room.

Like many of us, my first thought was, ‘What is the matter with me?’ I quickly targeted the job as the root of all evil. And while that conclusion led me away from the C-Suite, the problem didn’t resolve itself once I secured new work. If anything, it got worse. I was consumed by an unnamed experience that was accompanied by a quick sand of emotions.

Frustrated, I began to search for an answer as to why I felt the way that I did. That decision marked the start of an important new journey. I conducted extensive research with hundreds of individuals who – like me – found themselves in a place that had no name.

I was astonished by what I learned from that research. I discovered that we grossly misunderstand times of transitions in our lives and our skill sets to navigate these moments are under-developed.

Today, I work on debunking the misconceptions that surround transition and on developing and disseminating the tools necessary to transition successfully. The work takes me to conversation with individuals, with small groups and organizations, and with large organizations who find themselves in a period of substantive change.

Transition is an incredible invitation to unlock the enormous potential that is resident within each of us and within your organization.

I can’t wait to share it with you and help you realize transition’s unparalleled gifts!

“I feel deeply connected to your work. From the time I came to the U.S. when I was in my late twenties, I have been through multiple layers of transition: language, culture, life-style, friends, family, kids, work, food, etc. Personally, I felt that some part of the transition was so painful and not even understood by close friends and families completely until today. The most important gift that your work gave me is that I finally have a name and category that I can explain and look for possible answers. And for this, I thank you for opening this door for me.”

Interview on Linda’s book, Women and Transition

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Linda R.