Dancing with Disruption


Dancing with Disruption transforms our understanding of the isolation and uncertainty tied to major change and guides us through a proven toolkit that can ensure our success. Linda engages readers with her own experience of disruption along with the stories of many others from a variety of ages, occupations, and circumstances. Readers learn to reframe emotions, restore confidence, and realize possibilities once thought unimaginable.


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“Linda Rossetti has written an exposé and guide for anyone who has experienced disruption and displacement—in other words, for almost everyone these days. Her roadmap is accessible, insightful, artful, and intelligent. Reading it you will feel that she already knows you!”
—Dr. Roberta Herman, president, Joslin Diabetes Center
“This book couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Linda Rossetti grants permission in the face of challenge to reflect on who we are and why we show up. A must-read for those looking for the courage to redefine themselves.”
—Melanie Rosenwasser, CPO, Dropbox
“Infused with hard-won wisdom, the world urgently needs the voice of Linda Rossetti in her brilliantly written new book. Dancing with Disruption illuminates and constructively guides us through the often-misunderstood disruptive and disorienting times in our lives. With her guiding steps, we can reframe our emotions; update the expectations we carry for ourselves; create a new self-concept; and connect with others. Most importantly, we can discover new expressions of who we are.”
—Deb Guy, executive director, Women’s Exchange
“Engaging and practical on every level! Linda’s powerful stories will lead you on a journey to understand disruption in your life and how you can harness it to create the life you’ve dreamed of.”
—Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach; New York Times bestselling author, The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
“Every situation forces us to make a decision: do we modify the situation or not? Linda Rossetti’s inspiring book invites us to activate our voices at such times and guides us on a journey that is sure to transform our lives and our world.”
— Ouided Bouchamaoui, 2015 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Tunisian National Quartet, and former president, Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts
“A beautifully written invitation to revisit the choices we make in our careers and life. Relatable and genuine, Linda gives us a guidebook with which we can truly transform ourselves. A must read for anyone who is ready to embrace uncertainty with clarity and excitement!”
—Colonel Michele Lo Bianco, United States Air Force
“I have known Linda since her days at Harvard Business School where, then too, she approached the world with unbounded curiosity. It is no surprise to me that Linda has taken on this under- discussed yet nearly universal human experience and created such a powerful new toolkit. Her approach is an artful blend of solid research, deep understanding, and a palpable desire to help others to succeed. This is an across-the-board worthy read. “
—James I. Cash, PhD, professor emeritus, Harvard Business School
“This book is a must read for anyone experiencing a major life disruption or planning for a life transition. It offers a courageous perspective and stands apart thanks to Linda’s wisdom, insights, and deeply moving stories.”
—Lynn Perry Wooten, president, Simmons University, and author, Arrive and Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership and The Prepared Leader: Emerge from Any Crisis More Resilient Than Before
“In Dancing with Disruption, Linda turns her curiosity and powerful intellect to creating a model for positive change. An insightful, deeply meaningful work that offers us a roadmap for professional and personal success.”
—Bob Brennan, chair, BitSight, former CEO, Iron Mountain, and former CEO, Veracode
“A powerful blueprint for personal growth. In Dancing with Disruption, Linda Rossetti delivers a strategy and the tools to propel you forward. Adopt her mindset and anything is possible.”
— Patricia Kolias, triathlete, Ironman World Championship, Kona Qualifier
“My belief is that the obvious solution is not always the optimal solution. Linda offers us a courageous, insightful resource that empowers us to make different choices as we encounter personal and professional obstacles. I recommend this to anyone looking to meet uncertainty with confidence and courage!”
—Laura Huang, international bestselling author, Edge, and professor, Harvard Business School
“I am inspired by the outstretched hand Linda extends through this thought-provoking, transformative approach. She offers us a fresh, courageous, and extensively researched perspective that is essential for anyone at the crossroads of their lives.”
—Coco Brown, founder and CEO, Athena Alliance
“Some disruptions are done to us and others by us—how we embrace them, learn from them, and self-discover in their wake is at the heart of this very important book for our time. A transformative read—one that ensures all take pride in their own voice, courage, and resilience.”
—Deb Hicks, leadership coach, former CPO, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
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women and transition

Women and Transition


Women & Transition introduces readers to a new way of thinking about the milestones that shape their adult lives – like marriage or job loss or empty nests or sudden success. The book helps women increase their understanding of what is happening at times of transition and offers a toolkit specifically designed to help women navigate transition successfully. The book enables women to reframe transition into the positive and optimistic inflection point that it represents and helps them realize the incredible value available to those who choose transition. Visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Porchlight to purchase. 

Interview with Linda on the new book, Dancing with Disruption.

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