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You and This Moment

You and This Moment

Have you seen yourself lately? Before you think you opened the wrong blog post, I want to be clear. I am not talking about your physical appearance nor am I am shaming you for the color of your roots or even for the pallor you’ve begun to exhibit after untold hours facilitating Zoom-athons for you and every member of your household. The glimpse I am referring to is something we might not regard in the normal course. It is a version of you that intersects with the pandemic in a unique way, one that reminds me that amidst the devastation of our time there may also be something powerful and profound.


RBGs Invitation

RBGs Invitation

RIP RBG. You left us at an unprecedented moment. We have a global pandemic, an increasingly dour economic outlook, deepening societal unrest, and a stark reminder that democracy is not a spectator sport. Within all of that, I see you gazing in my direction with your slight frame, your tilted head, and knowing smile. You are imploring me to recognize something under the surface that no obituary or review of your jurisprudence captures. It is an invitation to see something important and to act. Can you imagine what RBG is imploring us to see?


Smiling from the Heart

Smiling from the Heart

Have you seen it? It’s all over the media. I feel as if I have run into it at every turn since August 11, 2020, the day candidate Joe Biden announced his vice presidential running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. It is the smile. The smile I am referring to has nothing to do with physicality or facial features. It is a smile that emanates from deep within and is sought after by nearly all those who explore transition. This type of smile is available only to those who choose to occupy a special space; one where our truest expectations for ourselves are set, met and – dare I say – exceeded. These smiles emanate from the heart. Have you ever smiled from your heart?


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Your Move: Online Course

Your Move is a self-paced course specially designed for people who want to successfully navigate life’s most interesting moments. Yours may be the result of a disruptive event such as a job loss, divorce, or death of a loved one. It may stem from a positive life change such as the birth of a child, graduation, marriage or re-marriage. It can also come from a restless awareness or inspired belief that it is time for a change. The course uses a variety of formats – short videos, self-paced exercises, and optional drop-in conversations with Linda. For those who start the course with some clarity, we will work to move you further along. For those with little or no idea about what might be next, we will help you bring structure and focus to your journey.

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