Speaking & Workshops

Linda is a compassionate, articulate, and uniquely knowledgeable speaker on a topic that affects virtually everyone at one point or another: disruption borne out of major change.

Her research‐based content, interactive style, and deep executive experience position her as an engaging speaker who is well suited to deliver value to a wide range of audiences and formats.

Few speakers in the marketplace can point to her breadth of experience. Linda has served as the CEO of a venture-funded technology start-up, as the E.V.P. of HR and Administration at a global Fortune 500 company, as a member of numerous Boards of Directors, and as the leader of proprietary research that offers a refreshing new lens into one of the most important issues of our time – disruption.

Her topics are targeted at corporate audiences, university/executive education/alumni audiences, IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) audiences, professional association audiences, and other affinity group audiences. For the latter, she has engaged with a variety of groups including widows, brain trauma survivors, at-risk youth, and those redefining aging.

Linda’s interactive programs range in format from 1-hour keynote speeches to half-day and full-day custom workshops.

Her unique interactive style builds the capacity for transformation in her audiences and engages all participants in the learning process.

See Linda

To see Linda in action, check out her recent interactive talk, “Activating Our Voices” at the Mass High Tech Council’s Annual Women in the Workplace (start at 25:00) event co-sponsored by McKinsey, view an excerpt from a Women’s Leadership conference keynote on succeeding at career and life pivots; watch her interactive small group workshop entitled, Dancing with Disruption: a new approach to navigating major change, with the Women’s Exchange; or view a program on navigating change and being a change agent with the AGA’s Women’s Forum. Alternatively, you can request the agenda from her ½ day workshop, “A New Lens on Leadership,” that has been used widely by organizations, including Analog Devices or the U.S. Force.

Join me for live online events and workshops

Keynote 45-90 min

Transition can emerge from a disruptive event or positive life change such as a birth of a child, an empty nest, a job loss or a divorce. It can also come from a restless awareness that it is time for a change and be an inspired and committed decision to move in a different direction. Would it surprise you that >90% of women in our recent survey expect to transition within the next five years.

Key Learnings:
1. Learn about the common misperceptions that surround transitions and the impact these can have on our choices;

2. Learn new vocabulary and a framework to help you reframe transition in your own life; and

3. Leave with two techniques for successfully navigating all manner to major changes you encounter that you can deploy immediately.

Keynote 45-90 min

Pivots are invitations to explore more and more of our potential. Too few of us use this point-of-view to interpret the disruptions that occur in the normal course of our lives. Our program explores what it means to pivot and shares research and an evidenced-based approach to succeeding at real world pivots.

Key Learnings:
1. The difference among frequently used words including change, transition pivot and possibility;

2. A framework for decision making related to personal and career advancement; and

3. Two tools for executing successful pivots; building a personal narrative and succeeding in the presence of barriers.

45 minutes every Thursday evening from 7:00 – 7:45 pm eastern
Every week we use the lens of transition to discuss disruption in our lives. The event is free and features curated exercises designed to build skills that are helpful in navigating uncertainty. Are you ready to join the online event that attendees describe as, “the most important thing I do each week!”  All are welcome.  Meeting ID: 836 729 8778;  Password: 01890   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8367298778?pwd=MHZaTldRR1l1b2FaODFoNW1EN3ppdz09
Key Learnings
  1. Explore critical life processes like disruption, change, transition, and growth in a supportive engaging format.
  2. Connect with each other, discuss milestones, and establish accountability.
  3. Learn to greet uncertainty with wisdom, grace, and new-found energy!

Workshop 1/2 or Full Day

A hands-on development workshop designed to introduce leaders to practical tools that can significantly influence their success both individually and as a leader of others during times of major change.

Key Learnings:
1. Increased understanding of change and transition and how each influences the readiness of teams to take on a task;

2. Increased understanding of what constitutes a leader’s engagement and how to use this knowledge in leading successful teams;

3. An introduction to tools that can be deployed in the day-to-day management of groups and in their one-on-one interactions with peers, subordinates and superiors.

Workshop 1/2 or Full Day

Join us for a highly-interactive workshop designed for those who are in or considering a professional or personal transition. We will discuss new research on transitioning and utilize a hands-on learning approach for building the skills necessary to successfully navigate transition.

Key Learnings:
Throughout the session, we will cover topics that define the ground game of today’s transitioning; including defining personal goals; developing a personal narrative; exercising our voices; understanding barriers and how to succeed in their presence; and embracing choice, personal engagement and the role of agency in our own success.

Workshop 2 Day & Weekend Retreat Highlights Does your practice support those who are in or considering transition? Our 2-day workshop is designed for LCSWs, professional life and career coaches, and others who support those in transition. We will review the latest research on transitioning and work through exercises that you can bring back and use in your practice immediately. You will leave with a deep understanding of state-of-the-art frameworks and processes that lead to successful transitioning. Requirements LCSW, ICF or other relevant professional certification. CEUs provided for several fields. Limited seating.
I couldn’t go to sleep tonight without telling you how grateful I am to you for your work with us today. You were brilliant, simply brilliant. I could not have hoped for a better integration of all that we discussed. Many people mentioned how much they were intrigued by what felt like a tiny sip from a deep well of inspiration. It was a great gift to us and to me personally that you took the time and care to plan and to present such a wonderful program for us.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Linda R.