Advisory Services

Linda offers a range of advisory services to support her clients as they navigate significant transitions. For individuals, Linda offers 1:1 and small group advising that combines her deep subject matter expertise and her extensive library of tools that are designed specifically to support those navigating transitions. Linda’s individual advisory services effectively create custom curriculum for clients so that they can achieve the unparalleled gifts available to anyone who chooses to navigate transition.

For organizations, Linda offers small group workshops and customized programs that help companies and organizations move through corporate transitions successfully. These advisory services are targeted at Board, Leadership teams and wider audiences where Linda’s value add is derived from her expertise on transition, her extensive C Suite and executive leadership experience, and her first‐hand knowledge of the corporate M&A arena.

In every environment, Linda bestows individuals with the confidence to make different choices in times of transition – choices not driven by fear or perceived barriers or constraints but choices that allow them to identify opportunities, pursue what might have felt previously impossible, and ultimately live the life they’ve imagined.


Personal Advising

Linda reserves a portion of her calendar to work 1:1 with individuals who are navigating transition. Linda’s advisory work incorporates a decade of research on transitions, a substantial library of exercises and tools specifically designed to help those in transition move forward, and thousands of hours spent talking with people who have navigated all manner of transition.

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There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.
Your Move

Self-paced Online Course

Your Move is a self-paced course specially designed for people who want to successfully navigate life’s most interesting moments. Yours may be the result of a disruptive event such as a job loss, divorce, or death of a loved one. It may stem from a positive life change such as the birth of a child, graduation, marriage or re-marriage. It can also come from a restless awareness or inspired belief that it is time for a change. The course uses a variety of formats – short videos, self-paced exercises, and optional drop-in conversations with Linda. For those who start the course with some clarity, we will work to move you further along. For those with little or no idea about what might be next, we will help you bring structure and focus to your journey.

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Linda R.