women and transition


A Book Discussion Guide

Welcome to the community that supports Women and Transition. Enjoy this Book Discussion Guide! We hope you find it useful and supportive as you consider transition in your own life. Most importantly, we wish you every success as you continue on your own powerful transition journey.

  1. The author writes about women and transition. What is the author trying to tell us about transition?
  2. What surprised you most about transition in reading the book?
  3. The author arguesthat there is a difference between change and transition. Do you agree? Can you name times during your life when you chose change instead of transition? Do either make sense for you now?
  4. In the book the author shares her own story of transition along with vignettes from her interviews with hundreds of women who also transitioned. What stories resonated the most with you? Why?
  5. Transition and its triggers are often accompanied by all sorts of emotions. Have you ever transitioned? How did it feel to transition? Did those feelings change overtime as the transition progressed?
  6. The author introduces a Transitioning Process that has two parts; Envisioning and Validating. What do you envision for your own future? What might you need to do to validate that future prior to moving forward?
  7. The author argues that barriers play an important role in transitions. She positions barriers as present and requiring tactics that allow us to be successful with transition in spite of a barrier’s presence. Have you ever encountered a barrier when navigating transition or even contemplating one? If so, what influence did the barriers have on you and your progress?
  8. The author argues that beginning is a critically important step in transitioning. How will you begin?

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